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Can You Sue a Boat Marina for Negligence?

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The fact that you got hurt at a boat marina doesn’t necessarily mean that anyone was negligent. The rule of thumb when it comes to pursuing such lawsuits involves proving that your injuries were the result of another party’s negligence. That had the circumstances been better; the injury in question would have never resulted. The term “negligence” as used here …

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Maritime Law Case Study: The Santa Cruz Boat Fire

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34 people were pronounced dead after a fire ravaged a scuba dive boat off the California coast in the worst maritime disaster the state has ever seen. The 75-foot-long vessel that was christened Conception sank off Santa Cruz Island. It had 33 passengers on board and one crew member who were all asleep when the fire broke out on the …

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Who are the Best Lawyers in Houston in 2019?

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Should you ever find yourself in any legal battle, one of the most prudent things you can do to give yourself the best chance of coming out on top is to find yourself the best lawyer for your particular situation. There are very many different kinds of lawyers in Houston. Just as is the case with everything in life, some …

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Why Oil Rig Explosions Happen

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It’s an accepted notion that accidents happen. However, when these accidents happen in highly skilled and specialized environments such as on oil rigs, it’s only natural that you might have some questions. Why do oil rig explosions happen? Is there anything that can be done about them and what legal recourse do you have? If you have or a loved …

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Lawyers Who Specialize in Helping Veterans

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After a while, fighting in the military can take a toll on your mental health. Some soldiers decide to stay in the military for as long as they are allowed, while others get a few years under their belt and then they are finished. Either path is respectable.However, the type of discharge you receive can have an enormous impact on …

What Is Maritime Law?

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International rules, governing the use of the seas and oceans, are known as Maritime Laws or the Law of the Sea. This area of law deals with a variety of factual scenarios. For instance, industrial accidents that result in the damage of vessels and cargo, seamen injuries, and hazardous chemical spills are all dealt with by maritime law. There are …

Recreational Boat Accidents and the Law

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In 2017, there was a fatality rate of 5.5 deaths for every 100,000 registered recreational boats (also known as pleasure boats) and sea vessels. Boating accidents can leave you with a serious injury or even prove fatal. More concerning is that fact that it would seem that the death rate from fatal boating accidents that includes recreational boaters is on …

Boating Accidents

Boating Accidents

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The various repercussions and hardships that come with being in a serious accident is certainly not the most enjoyable topic to discuss. Yet shying away from this kind of subject won’t help you get a better understanding of what to do when faced with the harsh realities these types of situations present. Of course, most of us are well aware …