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What Are Economic Sanctions and Are They Legal?

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Governments worldwide and multinational organizations use economic sanctions as their weapon of choice when responding to major geopolitical changes such as terrorism and war. It is usually done in response to state and non-state actors perceived as threats to their interests or those in violation of international norms. Economic sanctions have been used as the go-to tool for the west …

What Happens if China Invades Taiwan?

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Taiwan, for all intents and purposes, considers itself an independent nation. The island, which is officially known as the Republic of China (ROC), has been governed separately from mainland China since 1949. On the other hand, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) views Taiwan as a renegade province and considers the region part of its domain. Beijing has vowed to …

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Is Ukraine Part of NATO? Why Does This Matter?

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On February 24, 2022, the world watched Russia launch a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Russian troops bombed cities and military bases as innocent civilians began a mass exodus to flee the country. The attack sparked outrage from global leaders and citizens all over the world. As attacks spilled over into the second day, Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy released a statement …

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Is It Worth Hiring an Immigration Lawyer?

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There’s no denying that immigration proceedings and processes are legally-binding matters that hold your life in balance. Nonetheless, the federal government doesn’t require immigration lawyers to oversee all immigration processes. Individuals seeking legal status in the US aren’t entitled to legal representation. While hiring an attorney is not always necessary, the question is – Is it worth hiring an immigration …

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What Is an Enhanced Driver’s License?

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If you live in Washington, Vermont, New York, Minnesota, or Michigan and have plans to visit family members or go on vacation, you might have to rethink your mode of travel. Most of these states have imposed deadlines requiring all state citizens to obtain enhanced driver’s licenses or real IDs if they plan to travel by air. What is an …

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Is Corporate Espionage Illegal?

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One of the earliest reported cases of industrial espionage dates back to 1712 in Jingdezhen, China. A French priest, François Xavier d’Entrecolles, learned about the Chinese methods of manufacturing porcelain and took this discovery back to Europe. Fast-forward to the 20th century, and economic espionage cases between the East and the West dominated the world stage. Industrial espionage by the …

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Will the US Government Rescue Me in a Different Country?

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In October 2021, 17 missionaries – one Canadian and 16 Americans – were kidnapped near Port-au-Prince, Haiti, a country with one of the highest rates per capita of kidnappings in the world. This incident was one of the dozens of kidnappings of American citizens that occur abroad every year. While the majority of hostages return home once the ransom is …

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What Is the Process to Obtain a US Green Card?

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For many immigrants, a Green Card is the first step toward full US citizenship. This highly sought-after document grants you lawful permanent residency in the United States. Although a green card holder is not considered a citizen, it allows you to live and work indefinitely, anywhere in the country, without restriction. So how do you obtain a US Green Card? ...
Repatriation Flight

What Is a Repatriation Flight?

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At the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, the majority of international flights were suspended. Nonetheless, some airlines were offering sporadic international services known as repatriation flights. At the time, tens of thousands of American citizens stranded in 100+ countries were brought home. What is a repatriation flight, and how do they work? Here’s everything you need to know. What Is …

Difference Between an Embassy and a Consulate

What’s the Difference Between an Embassy and a Consulate?

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Let’s say you and your friend are on holiday in Cancún. Your friend ends up making a slightly ill-advised decision and ends up becoming a “guest of the state.” You’ve tried your best to explain to the local police officers that your friend was not aware they were breaking the law when they committed the offense. The friendly officers sympathize …