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Can I Sue My Employer If I Get Kidnapped?

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Every year, more than 90 million Americans travel outside the US for work or leisure. However, the last thing you would expect to happen when you’re in a foreign country is to get kidnapped. That’s anyone’s worst nightmare. Although kidnapping statistics held by the US government and private security companies are not usually released publicly, we estimate that number could …

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What Happens if You Get a Job While on Unemployment?

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Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic in mid-March, more than 57 million Americans have filed for unemployment. With several states still under lockdown, the airline, events, hospitality, and leisure sectors are just a few of the industries that have been reeling from the devastating effects of the disease. It has left millions of people out of work. If you’re …

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What Happens if You Fail a Drug Test?

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Substance abuse takes a heavy toll on businesses across the country. According to the 2019 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 14.3% of full-time employees and 15% of part-time workers aged 18 and above reported past-month illicit drug usage. Employers have taken to implementing drug testing programs to curb the menace and deter drug use in the workplace. If …

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Legal Obligations & Protections for Employers in the Age of COVID-19

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As the government continues to take unprecedented steps to control the spread of the coronavirus, a topic that has generated a great deal of public debate is – What exactly constitutes an essential business and how is it different from those classified as non-essential? Understanding this is important when it comes to defining the legal obligations and protections for employers …