Best Maritime Lawyers in the US

Best Maritime Lawyers in the US

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Maritime law is a legal field that focuses on the rules and regulations governing issues related to navigable waters such as oceans, rivers, lakes, and streams. It also covers some maritime land-based activities. These include loading and unloading of cargo on ships. If you or a loved one works in a maritime-related industry, you need to familiarize yourself with this …

What Happens If the at-Fault Driver's Insurance Won't

What Happens If the at-Fault Driver’s Insurance Won’t Pay?

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At one point in your life, you will likely be involved in an accident. You might be the one at fault, or it might be the other driver’s fault. If it’s the latter, their insurance company is required to foot the costs associated with any injuries you sustain, and the repair bills required to fix your car. If the car …

What Is a Conservatorship

What Is a Conservatorship?

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Following a very public breakdown in 2008 and her subsequent hospitalization, Britney Spears was put under legal conservatorship with her father as her conservator. In that time, the pop star has made multiple comebacks, including going on tour, releasing albums, and even launching lucrative business ventures, the most successful ones being her lingerie lines and perfume brand. Despite these seemingly …

Facebook Lawsuit

Facebook Lawsuit – A New Precedent in Privacy Laws

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On February 26, 2021, Facebook was ordered to pay $650 million for violating Illinois State privacy laws. More than 1.6 million state residents are expected to receive at least $345 each in a ruling made at a California federal court in the settlement. The cumulative settlement amount was $100 million more than what Facebook had initially proposed in 2020. According …

Online Dating Scams

How Do Online Dating Scams Work

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Looking for love online has always been a dicey affair. In the unique times that we’re currently living in, more people are turning to online dating sites and social media in the hope of meeting that special someone. Sadly, while there are genuine people signed up on these sites, many of them are riddled with scammers posing as eligible singles …

Is Short Selling Illegal

Is Short Selling Illegal

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Short selling has long been a popular investment strategy for speculators, hedge fund managers, arbitrageurs, individual investors, and gamblers alike. It is a risky technique and is suited to investors with a huge risk appetite since it comes with the very real possibility of losing a substantial amount of capital. Securities law is broad and complex. As a result, the …

Did Robinhood Act Illegally in the Gamestop Short Squeeze

Did Robinhood Act Illegally in the Gamestop Short Squeeze

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A few weeks ago, a group of investors on Reddit gave new meaning to the term “social movement” after banding together and encouraging anyone who would listen to invest in GameStop shares. The movement, which first started on WallStreetBets – a forum on the popular social platform –, was aimed at punishing Wall Street investors, many of whom were hedge …

Securities and Exchange Commission

What Is the Role of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

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Have you ever wondered what a world without the stock market would look like? Let’s just say things would be very different from what they are now. For one thing, getting business funding would be virtually impossible. Business growth would progress at an unbelievably slow pace, if at all, and the economy would stagnate. Now, picture a world where the …