Who Are the Best Lawyers in Houston in 2021

Who Are the Best Lawyers in Houston in 2021

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You don’t always need an attorney for every legal matter you encounter. Going to small claims court and handling a speeding ticket are two prime examples of instances where representing yourself in court works just as well.

There are, however, certain situations where going it alone could do more harm than good. Legal representation can help get you out of sticky situations such as a DWI violation, an ugly divorce, or even fighting criminal charges.

You never know when you’ll need an attorney until you need one. With that in mind, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of the best lawyers in Houston in 2021.

Best Lawyer in Houston for Car Accidents

If you were injured in a car accident or suffered property damage as a result, it might be a good idea to retain the services of a car accident attorney.

Regardless of whether you’re lodging a full-blown lawsuit against the offending party or looking to file a claim with the insurance company, it’s always a good idea to get the best car accident lawyer in Houston to help.

Here’s what they can do for you:

  • Collect the required evidence to prove liability
  • Communicate with the at-fault driver’s insurance company
  • Communicate with your healthcare provider on matters related to missing records
  • Work closely with your doctors to ensure they provide the medical information necessary to prove damages in your claim
  • Negotiate a satisfactory settlement with the at-fault driver’s defense attorney and/or insurance adjuster

Top-Rated Car Accident Lawyer

Andrew CobosThe Cobos Law Firm
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Best Malpractice Lawyer in Houston

Medical malpractice occurs when a patient suffers harm or injury at the hands of a doctor or any other medical professional who fails to competently perform their duties.

Several different situations can lead to malpractice claims. Most of them generally fall into any one of the following categories:

  • Failure to diagnose – This occurs when a doctor fails to discover their patient’s illness in time or makes a wrong diagnosis, which then causes their health condition to deteriorate
  • Improper treatment – This occurs in one of two ways: (1) The doctor administers a treatment regimen that no competent medical practitioner would; or (2) The doctor uses the correct treatment on the patient but administers it incompetently
  • Failure to warn the patient of known risks of a procedure – This occurs when a doctor fails in their duty of informed consent. As a result, the patient goes through with a procedure they would have otherwise never agreed to had they understood all the risks involved

A malpractice attorney would be able to sue for damages on your behalf by proving that:

  1. A doctor-patient relationship existed between you and the physician you’re suing
  2. The doctor acted negligently with regards to your diagnosis and/or treatment
  3. You suffered injury or harm as a result of said negligence

If you lost a loved one to COVID-19 as a result of the negligent actions of a healthcare facility or medical practitioner, you might be entitled to significant compensation.

Top-Rated Malpractice Lawyer

Robert W. PainterPainter Law Firm PLLC
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Best Divorce Attorney in Houston

If you and your spouse decide to dissolve your marriage, one of the first things you need to figure out is whether to involve a lawyer. The answer to this depends on your specific situation.

The general rule of thumb is – the less you rely on the courts to resolve your issues, the smoother the entire process will be. Here are some of the situations where you’ll need to retain the services of a divorce lawyer.

  • There are children involved
  • There are complex financial issues
  • There’s a problem with abuse
  • You believe your spouse is being vindictive or lying about certain issues
  • Your spouse has retained an attorney

An experienced divorce lawyer can help you by:

  • Accompanying you to your divorce hearings, especially if your case requires that you have an attorney present
  • Attending mediation on your behalf
  • Drafting your divorce agreement in a format that’s acceptable to the court
  • Filing the divorce on your behalf
  • Giving you advice on what a fair settlement looks like

Top-Rated Divorce Lawyer

Charles SandersRose Sanders Law Firm
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Best Criminal Lawyer in Houston

Given how complex the criminal justice system is, you need a defense attorney to serve as your confidant, protector, and guide.

Their duties towards their clients include:

  • Analyzing the evidence to identify weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case
  • Conducting investigations on the circumstances surrounding the alleged crime
  • Crafting a solid defense strategy to get the best possible outcome
  • Litigating the case at trial
  • Negotiating a plea deal with state or federal prosecutors for reduced charges, sentences, or bail
  • Questioning and examining the witnesses
  • Researching the facts of the case
  • Reviewing search and seizure procedures used to garner evidence against their client

Top-Rated Criminal Defense Lawyer

Tyrone C. Moncriffe Tyrone C. Moncriffe & Associates
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Best DWI Lawyer in Houston

Driving while intoxicated is considered a crime in Texas and all other states across the country. As a result, DWI charges are usually handled in criminal court and usually carry severe penalties if a conviction occurs. You, therefore, need to retain an attorney who will help protect your rights.

Lawyers who specialize in DWI cases have in-depth knowledge of the laws surrounding them and the most effective defense strategies to get you satisfactory results. They are likely to get you a good plea bargain or even get your charges dismissed altogether.

They can also go to court on your behalf for routine appearances, so you don’t have to take time off work every time you have a court date.

Top-Rated DWI Lawyer

George A. NapierThe Napier Law Firm, PLLC
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Best Bankruptcy Lawyer Houston

While it is possible to file for bankruptcy on your own, representing yourself in court could be counterintuitive if you’re trying to save on attorney’s fees. The biggest benefit of bringing an experienced bankruptcy lawyer on board is that they can quickly identify any potential speed-bumps in your case and plan accordingly.

They might even provide suitable alternatives to bankruptcy that will give you the financial peace of mind you crave. If there are no viable options, they are better placed to help you decide between filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, depending on your goals.

Top-Rated Bankruptcy Lawyer

Rick GuerraGuerra Days Law Group
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