does homeowners cover frozen pipes

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Frozen Burst Pipes?

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Contrary to their snappy jingles and marketing slogans, many insurance companies have amassed huge profits simply by denying the claims of the people they insure. These practices are not simply confined to auto insurance companies, but rather exist in many other industries where insurance is necessary. For example: homeowners’ insurance. The State of Texas recently experienced winter weather that had ...
business interruption insurance | covid-19

Business Interruption Insurance: Is Coronavirus Covered?

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The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has been a wrecking ball to many large and small businesses across the US. Revenues for restaurants and shop owners has dwindled due to a lack of customers. Merchants cannot get their product to market and service providers cannot deliver a service without a physical customer present. No one could have predicted such an event that …

insurance bad faith

Bad Faith: When to Fight Your Insurance Company

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Imagine the shock of losing a loved one to a tragic accident.  Family members might rely on each other for comfort, but will rely on the life-insurance policy, a binding contract, to assist with financial considerations in the wake of such a loss.  Now imagine that your life-insurance company decides that it would rather save money than paying what it …