Sad evicted tenant moving home boxing belongings sitting on the floor in the night

Is the Federal Moratorium on Evictions Legal?

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The federal government and several counties, cities, and states across the country have taken protective measures to protect citizens against the devastating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of these include barring late rent fees, prohibiting the shut off of utilities due to nonpayment, and placing moratoriums on eviction for rent nonpayment. A recent Supreme Court ruling might change all …

does homeowners cover frozen pipes

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Frozen Burst Pipes?

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Contrary to their snappy jingles and marketing slogans, many insurance companies have amassed huge profits simply by denying the claims of the people they insure. These practices are not simply confined to auto insurance companies, but rather exist in many other industries where insurance is necessary. For example: homeowners’ insurance. The State of Texas recently experienced winter weather that had ...
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What Happens if You Break a Lease?

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Contracts exist to protect the rights of all parties involved. That’s precisely what a lease is – a contractually binding agreement between landlords and tenants that exists to protect both parties’ rights. However, there are several reasons you may have for wanting to break a lease. Maybe you got a new job out of town, and you need to relocate. …