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What You Need to Know About the 2020 California Privacy Law

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Before diving into the California, Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) here’s an interesting tidbit for you. Did you know that the human brain receives and processes 400 billion bits of information every second? That’s 50 gigabytes of information in just one second. For context, think about how much information you would need to store to fill up a 50GB hard disk. …

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Why California Assembly Bill 5 (AB5) Affects Everyone

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If you are a gig worker, then you know all too well the void you feel when you’re “in-between” gigs and the exhilaration that follows when you land your next assignment. It’s almost like being on a trapeze, but without the safety net below. But, despite its ups and downs, you wouldn’t trade it in for a corporate nine to …

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Best Personal Injury Lawyers in California

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If you’re on the fence about what the best personal injury lawyer can do for you, well the answer is – A lot. When most people are injured resulting from an accident, the thought of hiring an injury lawyer never crosses their mind. Those that do think of them have the misguided notion that hiring one is expensive. This, however, …