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Is It Worth Hiring an Immigration Lawyer?

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There’s no denying that immigration proceedings and processes are legally-binding matters that hold your life in balance. Nonetheless, the federal government doesn’t require immigration lawyers to oversee all immigration processes. Individuals seeking legal status in the US aren’t entitled to legal representation. While hiring an attorney is not always necessary, the question is – Is it worth hiring an immigration …

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What Is the Process to Obtain a US Green Card?

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For many immigrants, a Green Card is the first step toward full US citizenship. This highly sought-after document grants you lawful permanent residency in the United States. Although a green card holder is not considered a citizen, it allows you to live and work indefinitely, anywhere in the country, without restriction. So how do you obtain a US Green Card? ...
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Who Can Seek Asylum in the United States?

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Asylum is a legal protection afforded to individuals who’ve fled their home country, where they’ve undergone persecution, or have a legitimate fear of getting persecuted if they were to return in the future. It gives them a chance to start a new life in a foreign country. The process of seeking asylum in the US is not as easy as …

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Can a Naturalized Citizen Be Deported?

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In 2019, the Trump administration embarked on a campaign to deport naturalized US citizens. More than 700,000 individuals were at risk of getting their citizenship stripped from them over what the government termed as “flaws in the naturalization process.” It begs the question – Can a naturalized citizen be deported, and on what grounds? Here’s everything you need to know. …

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What Is New York’s “Green Light Law”

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On June 17, 2019, the Driver’s License Access and Privacy Act was signed into law. The Green Light Law, as it is commonly referred to, meant that all residents of New York aged 16 and over, could now apply for a standard, non-commercial, not-for-federal-purposes driver’s license or learner’s permit – regardless of their immigration status or citizenship. New York effectively …

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What Does an Immigration Lawyer Do?

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People have moved to the United States for several reasons, including to join their families, to seek safety and refuge from war, natural disasters, violence, and to work. When they do make the move, there are several forms that they will run into to stay, work, or live in the United States. Immigration Lawyers Compared to other lawyers, the role …