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What Is Espionage?

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Flashback to 1917, shortly after the US entered World War I. Congress passed a law that banned the sharing of any sensitive information that would potentially disrupt the country’s military activities and interests in the ongoing war or aid its enemies. This law, which was known as the Espionage Act of 1917, imposed a $20,000 fine and 20-year prison sentence …

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What Is a Grand Jury Indictment?

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Grand juries play a very important role in the US criminal justice system – both at a state and federal level. However, the exact role they play is often shrouded in mystery. One thing is for sure though – getting indicted by a grand jury is as serious as it sounds. It is, therefore, important to understand the entire process, …

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What Are Red Flag Laws?

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According to the FBI crime data, death by firearms in 2018 accounted for more than 72 percent of all the homicides recorded that year. There have been more than 60 incidences of mass shootings over the last four decades. Gun control continues to be a hot topic of debate. The US alone has the highest rate of gun ownership compared …

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Are Curfews Legal? Legal Consequences of Breaking Curfew

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One of the things that make the United States the greatest nation on earth is the Constitution. It protects the fundamental rights and liberties of the citizens. This fact could be the reason why several people have a problem with curfews since it feels like an infringement on their constitutional right to freedom of movement. As part of the several …

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Is It Illegal to Go on the Dark Web?

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Ah, the deep, dark web – a mysterious digital netherworld where anything is possible. A place in cyberspace most people will never see in their lifetime. A shadowy underworld that sparks intrigue and fear in equal measure. The dark web is mostly perceived as an online repository for infinite amounts of backend information that’s available to the highest bidder. A …

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What Is White Collar Crime?

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Flashback to June 2003, when Martha Stewart, America’s most beloved homemaker, was indicted for the role she played in the insider trading of ImClone stocks, merely a day before their price plummeted into oblivion. In a highly publicized trial, a jury found the television personality guilty of two counts of making false statements to federal investigators, conspiracy, and obstruction of …

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Slate Wiped Clean: What Is Criminal Record Expungement?

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We’ve all done some things in our past that we’d rather leave in our past. Unfortunately, sometimes they return to haunt us in more ways than we’d care to relive. Perhaps you have a criminal conviction on your record. You served your time, and now, you want to get on with your life. Sadly, something like this will likely follow …

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Texas Sexual Harassment Laws

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Sexual harassment on college campuses and in the workplace is against the law both in the State of Texas and at the federal level. Federal level sexual harassment law considers it a form of gender discrimination. During the 2019 legislative session, new sexual harassment laws were passed in Texas aimed at beefing up protection against unwanted sexual advances. Here’s everything …

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Jeffrey Epstein Case – A Legal Timeline

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Following his arrest on July 8, 2019, Jeffrey Epstein was charged with one count of sex trafficking and one count of conspiracy to engage in sex trafficking. He pleaded not guilty to both charges and was remanded in jail awaiting trial after his application for bail was denied. In August 2019, Epstein, a registered sex offender, was found dead in …