social media cell phones and the law

Social Media, Cell Phones and the Law

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Social media and cell phones are useful tools for social and business connections, communication,education, brand exposure, and advertisement. It’s very difficult to be successful in this world without using them at some point. There’s nothing wrong with taking full advantage of their capabilities and using them to your benefit. However, it’s important to learn and follow the laws that apply …

how to find the best criminal defense attorney

How to Find the Best Criminal Defense Attorney

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Most people don’t have the name and number of a criminal defense attorney in their contact list – unless they are personal friends. Most people don’t have to worry about getting arrested. In the rare event that you have been charged with a crime or arrested, you’ll need a criminal defense attorney to help you out. A good criminal defense …

sex crimes and the catholic church

Sex Crimes and the Catholic Church

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Just recently, it has become more apparent just how serious the sex crimes and abuse cases against the Catholic church are. Since the public eye has turned onto priests in the Catholic church, multiple churches across the US and in many other countries have brought to light countless sexual abuse allegations and records against priests. These sexual abuse allegations not …

How Do Lawyers Dismiss Traffic Tickets

How Do Lawyers Dismiss Traffic Tickets?

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For most people who get a traffic ticket, it’s little more than an annoying inconvenience. They curse their bad luck and pay the fine before moving on with their lives. Yet this can get more complicated if you already have a lot of traffic violations or other offenses on your record. What if you know for a fact that you didn’t do what you’re being accused of doing? Can you fight a traffic ticket as you would any other accusations?