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Can You Reverse a Wire Transfer?

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Anytime you’re making a large purchase, it is generally considered good practice to double or even triple check the details of the recipient of the funds in question. But, sometimes, despite your best efforts, you realize afterward that you entered the wrong account number. Now, what? In other instances, you may wire money to a bank account only to later …

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Cryptocurrency and the Law: Emerging Lawsuits

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When Satoshi Nakamoto first envisioned a digital currency that would use a decentralized network of computers to keep track of transactions, no one could have ever imagined that his idea would evolve into what it is today. This was the seed that would later germinate into the cryptocurrency market as we know it. Bitcoin is perhaps the most familiar of …

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Is It Illegal to Go on the Dark Web?

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Ah, the deep, dark web – a mysterious digital netherworld where anything is possible. A place in cyberspace most people will never see in their lifetime. A shadowy underworld that sparks intrigue and fear in equal measure. The dark web is mostly perceived as an online repository for infinite amounts of backend information that’s available to the highest bidder. A …

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Where Is Gambling Legal?

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Gambling is a fun pastime for anyone looking to inject a bit of thrill and excitement into their life. If you’ve been to Vegas before, then you understand this fact all too well. But, before you dive in headfirst, you need to establish what your state gaming law defines as “legal gambling.” Otherwise, you might just find yourself behind bars …