What Every Cruise Ship Traveler Should Know if You’re Involved in an Accident on Board

What Every Cruise Ship Traveler Should Know if You’re Involved in an Accident on Board

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If you ever go on a cruise, you want a relaxing and fun experience before you get to your island destination. You don’t want to worry about accidents or injuries. Misfortune should be the last thing on your mind.

Cruise trips are meant to be fun and adventurous for every passenger. The food is fabulous and the events are exciting. The shows are even better. Unfortunately, accidents and injuries do happen.

To head out on your cruise with a relaxed head and ready to get your tan on, you should have cruise insurance and a cruise ship accident lawyer on speed dial.

This article will go over the basics of cruise insurance as well as what you should do if an accident occurs.

Cruise Line Travel Insurance

Cruise line insurance can be your best friend and this type of insurance isn’t just for injuries. It’s recommended to purchase your cruise line insurance through an insurance company rather than through the cruise company.

Most cruise ship operators offer very limited travel insurance that doesn’t cover all the possibilities and mishaps that may affect each and every passenger on the cruise liner as well as any shore excursions away from the sea. They only offer secondary insurance that may only cover the medical bills. Insurance companies can offer you primary insurance with compensation that covers most mishaps and misfortune while aboard a cruise ship, from food poisoning to pain and suffering from fall accidents.

Purchasing an insurance plan before taking off on your cruise can help prevent a dispute between you and the cruise company. It can, in minor cases, help prevent you from having to fork up legal fees if something does happen.

A medical emergency can happen at any time and they usually happen at the worst time. You want to be prepared in case you receive an injury or fall sick. Being treated by the ship’s doctor can get expensive and, unfortunately, most health insurance plans won’t cover the costs.

Plus, a decent cruise insurance plan can also help you in case you need to reschedule your cruise, cancel it, or even if you have stolen luggage. Of course, each policy is different.

Cruise Ship Accidents and Everything You Need to Know

Even if you purchase cruise line travel insurance, major accidents can happen due to negligence by the cruise company. This is when a lawyer with experience in injury and maritime law will be helpful.

Cruise companies have their own lawyers that will fight your injury claim in any way possible. It’s their job to prove that an accident claim was the fault of the victim, instead of the fault of the cruise company.

Falls, Slips, and Trips

Falls, Slips, and Trips

The most common type of accident for a vacationer on a cruise ship is usually a fall, slip, or trip. They can happen on any part of the cruise ship and in most cases, are due to negligence by the cruise company or crew.

The most common falls, slips, and trips are due to:

  • Wet decks and floors due to cleaning that don’t include a warning sign
  • Over-polished floors or recently polished floors without a warning sign
  • No non-skid adhesive strips to prevent slips and falls
  • Uneven decks that aren’t being maintained by the company or crew
  • Poor lighting that makes it hard to see your surroundings clearly
  • Slippery pool decks that aren’t maintained by the company or crew
  • Lack of handrails where they’re needed or improperly placed handrails
  • Shallow steps on a staircase due to not being maintained by the company
  • Wet steps due to a spill that hasn’t been cleaned up by the crew
  • Stairs that aren’t being maintained by the company or crew
  • Tender boats that aren’t being properly maintained by the company or crew
  • Wet gangways that haven’t been dried by the crew
  • Steep gangways that aren’t designed safely

These accidents can cause a mass of physical and health issues including:

  • Fractures, sprains, or broken bones
  • Herniated discs in the back or neck
  • Crushed limbs including your fingers and toes
  • Ligament and tendon tears
  • Brain injuries and concussions
  • Death

Injuries due to cruise ship negligence can change your life. It can lead to endless surgery and chronic pain which is why it’s important to contact a cruise ship accident lawyer should un unfortunate an accident occur.

The Steps You Should Take if You’ve Been Injured on a Cruise Ship

When a serious accident occurs, it can be hard to handle the stress and chaos going on around you. However, it’s important to take the proper steps so you can file an injury claim with your cruise accident lawyer.

You only have six months to take action against the cruise company so the faster, the better.

  1. First and foremost, you should get medical attention, even if your fall seems minor. This will be done by the cruise company’s onboard Once you’re off the ship, you should get a second opinion as well from another doctor to help your case.
  2. Report the accident immediately to the employees and other authorities depending on the type of accident.
  3. Contact a cruise accident lawyer as soon as possible so they know what’s happening and how they can help you.
  4. To protect their behinds, the cruise ship company will do their own investigation of the accident. This is required by maritime laws. This means they’ll take statements from you and any witnesses. Be wary of what you say so you don’t hurt yourself later in court. This includes in any accident forms they have you fill out.
  5. If at all possible, gather evidence for your case because that’s what the cruise company is doing.  Talk to witnesses and get their information. Witnesses can be other travelers or even ship employees. Ask for a copy of the video or CCTV if plausible.


Most cruises go smoothly and make it to their destinations just fine. Unfortunately, every now and then, an accident happens due to negligence by cruise employees or the cruise line itself. It’s important that you fight back and get what you’re owed when you’re hurt or injured.

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