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Best Personal Injury Lawyers in America 2019 – by Category

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Suffering an injury in an accident is in no doubt a traumatic experience more so if it harms your lifestyle and income-earning power. As a result, you need the best lawyers in America on your team to help you pursue a personal injury lawsuit.

They should have the right combination of skills, a thorough knowledge of the American judicial system, excellent lawyer ratings, and a track record of wins to help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

This article looks at how the best personal injury lawyers in America can help you pursue damages for your injuries and losses. Dive in.

Car Accident Lawyer

car accident

Of all the qualities that make up the best car accident lawyers, the one that’s most important to your case has to be their ability to play hardball with insurance companies. It’s no secret that insurers want to settle for as little as possible. So look for a lawyer with a reputation of pressing them hard to fork out better settlements.

Product Liability Lawyer

product liability

Product liability cases are often filed as class action suits against a corporation. You need a great personal injury lawyer to help you recover damages resulting from injuries caused by defective products. Here’s what you need them to go after:

  • Punitive damages resulting from the defendant’s egregious conduct
  • Compensatory damages to make up for economic loss resulting from the injury
  • Pain and suffering endured because of the injury
  • Loss of consortium from the negative effect the product had on your relationship with your significant other

Wrongful Death Lawyer


Wrongful death occurs when someone’s professional misconduct, negligence, or criminal behavior results in a fatality. If you are a beneficiary of the deceased, here’s how the best wrongful death lawyer can help:

  • They’ll be able to find evidence and witnesses to prove that the other party’s negligence was responsible for an otherwise avoidable death
  • They’ll prove that you have incurred financial losses as a result of the death
  • Pursue compensation aggressively and promptly to allow you to recover from the financial repercussions you have faced so far

Medical Malpractice Lawyer

The best medical malpractice lawyers generally fall into two categories:

  • Those who defend doctors who are facing medical malpractice suits
  • Those who defend patients who have suffered injury as a result of medical malpractice
doctor with a stethoscope

Many experienced lawyers who have dealt with medical malpractice suits often turn down these types of cases. They do this when they know they’ll have a hard time establishing liability.

So be prepared to jump through a few hoops before you find the right one. Nonetheless, before you settle on a particular firm to represent you, find out the number of malpractice cases they’ve won in the past.

Semi-Truck Accident Lawyer

Semi-truck cases are governed by a different set of laws which makes the lawsuits that involve them incredibly complex. The reason for this is partly because they are regulated by federal law since they engage in interstate commerce.

truck accident

The best semi-truck accident lawyer understands the special laws, rules, and regulations that apply to them. So, you need to find a firm that specializes in these specific cases if you hope to get fair compensation.

Work Injury Lawyer

If you’ve suffered a workplace injury, then you know how hard it is to collect your benefits. In some cases, your employer may deny your claim altogether.

construction worker

Receiving workers’ compensation is your legal right, so you need to get the best work injury lawyer on your team to help you do just that. Choose a lawyer who prioritizes your health and well-being.

One who understands that your ability to earn future wages has been compromised. That way, winning becomes just as important to them as it is to you.

Oilfield Injury Lawyer

While the oil and gas industry are a source of steady, well-paying employment for many, the risks associated with working on these sites can cause serious injuries to workers. If you suffered an injury while working in an oilfield, you need good representation to help you collect the compensation you deserve.

pump jack mining crude oil

The best oilfield injury lawyer can help you go after substantial damages that are enough to cover the cost of lost wages, medical expenses, and any other long term costs associated with your injury.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

According to data from the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), the number of motorcycle accidents that occur every year amounts to about 92,000.

motorcycle accident

In most cases, the innocent parties were the motorcyclists whose only mistake was choosing to use a motorcycle as their mode of transportation on that fateful day.

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding the accident, you need to retain the best motorcycle accident lawyer to help guide you through making a personal injury claim. That way they can investigate your claim to see if you’re entitled to court-awarded damages and follow it up with your insurance company.

Mesothelioma Lawyer


While there are many mesothelioma law firms to choose from, choosing the right one is what ultimately determines the outcome of your lawsuit. Here’s what to look out for when choosing the best mesothelioma lawyer:

  • Experience – You want a firm that specializes in asbestos litigation and has a proven track record of wins
  • Contingency payment – Go with a firm that gets a percentage of the compensation awarded
  • Hands-free representation – You want a firm that is willing to do a lot of the footwork while you or your loved one is battling the disease

Brain Injury Lawyer

human brain

Choosing the best brain injury lawyer at the beginning of your post-injury journey to seek compensation is arguably one of the most difficult decisions you’ll make. The outcome of the suit will determine the quality of your life for the long-run. Here’s what you need to look out for:

  • Find a personal injury lawyer who sole specialty in representing people with traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • They should be active contributors in the field of brain injury law through lecturing, publishing articles, and membership in local associations

Bike Accident Lawyer

Accidents that involve bicycles and motor vehicles can result in the cyclist sustaining severe and sometimes fatal injuries. Suing the parties at fault can take a huge financial toll.

bicycle accident

Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that you choose the best bike accident lawyers who have adequate resources to take your case to trial. Expert witnesses, for instance, may charge upwards of $1,000 to testify on your behalf. So if a particular law firm can’t handle those costs, find one that can.

Birth Injury Lawyer

Birth injuries can be devastating to a family, especially if they were the result of medical negligence. If your child developed cerebral palsy; as a result, you need the best birth injury lawyer to hold the medical institution responsible for this accountable.

new born baby

You want to find a lawyer who works closely with medical professionals who have worked in obstetrics and can detect even the most subtle types of medical malpractice as pertains to the birthing process.

Sexual Assault Lawyer

sexual assault

Thousands of sexual assault cases go unreported every year. For most people, the emotional effects of the experience last a lifetime. If you have been a victim of an offensive and unwanted sexual act you an experienced sex abuse lawyer can help you seek monetary compensation in the form of:

  • Punitive damages
  • Medical care
  • Emotional distress

Elder Abuse Lawyer

The elderly in society are more vulnerable to suffering abuse at the hands of family or caregivers. It is often hard for them to speak out since they are, more often than not, socially isolated, or suffer from some form of mental impairment.

elder person

If you or someone you love is a victim of this kind of abuse, the best elder abuse lawyer can help. That way, you’ll be able to remove the person from the situation and sue the perpetrator for damages.

Slip and Fall Lawyer

slip and fall sign

Unlike other personal injury cases, slip and fall claims are not as straightforward. The reason for this is that defendants’ fault is not always obvious and without legal representation, such cases usually fall through the cracks. You need to hire the best slip and fall lawyer to help you go after insurance benefits and prove liability to obtain damages.

Burn Injury Lawyer

fire flames

When work injuries or product liabilities cause burn injuries to a person, an experienced burn injury lawyer can help you go after damages to hold the negligent parties responsible for their actions. You would be able to seek compensation for lost wages, medical bills, loss of consortium as well as pain and suffering.

Bus Accident Lawyer

According to the US Department of Transportation, a reported 300 fatal bus crashes occur every year. In those that don’t result in fatalities, the cost of severe injury and damage to property is high.

bus burn after accident

If you or a loved one has been injured in a bus crash, or worse you lost someone close to you as a result, then you need a competent bus accident lawyer to handle the legal part of your trauma for you. They would be able to hold all the parties that are at fault to account.

Maritime Injury Lawyer

A maritime accident can be devastating. Not just physically, but emotionally due to the stress of piling medical bills and anxiety over whether you’ll still be able to work.

maritime accident

Working with the best maritime injury lawyer can help you navigate the complexities that surround these types of accidents. They are well-versed in federal rules, regulations, and laws that revolve around maritime disasters.

Defamation Lawyers

Defamation cases are also categorized as personal injury cases. If someone makes false statements against you either by libel or slander, it harms your reputation. Libel is defamation through written/printed words, while slander is defamation through speech.

defamation law

Suing for defamation can be challenging to litigate given the protection offered to defendants under the First Amendment. A good defamation lawyer is well-versed in these types of cases and can help you sue for the damages you are entitled to.

Mass Tort Lawyers

When a civil wrong is committed by a person or company, and it results in injury to many victims, they can sue the perpetrator for damages resulting from physical, emotional, financial or property injury. Some common mass tort claims include:

  • Pharmaceutical claims
  • Consumer product claims
  • Environmental torts

Construction Accident Lawyer

Construction work is not only demanding, but it exposes workers to untold dangerous as well. Accidents still occur despite them taking all the necessary precautions while on the job.

construction workers during work

However, if you sustain an injury in unsafe working conditions, you deserve to receive some form of compensation from the construction company that employs you. A great construction accident lawyer can help ensure your legal rights, as well as that of your family, are protected.

Train Accident Lawyer

Train accidents can be catastrophic. Someone could:

  • Slip off a platform and get run over by a train
  • A passenger train could derail
  • There could be a toxic chemical spill that affects numerous people
train in the mountains

Whatever the type of accident you’re involved in, you need the best train accident lawyer on your side to hold the negligent parties responsible. You need to retain a lawyer whose primary area of expertise lies in railroad litigation.

Airplane Accident Lawyer

Statistically, air travel is much safer than automotive transport. However, when airplane accidents do occur, more often than not, they lead to 100% fatalities.

airplane accident

Assigning liability becomes a complex legal battle only the best airplane accident lawyer can handle. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the crash, different parties, including various commanding agencies, airline personnel or even passengers can be held fully or partially responsible.

It’s Not About the Money

There are certain types of injuries that almost always require you to bring an attorney on board. Never pursue a personal injury claim on your own. Hiring an experienced attorney to represent your interests will be worth the lawyer fees you’ll pay them.

In most cases, the best personal injury lawyers will bill you on a contingency basis. If your injury doesn’t fall in any of the categories outlined here, it doesn’t hurt to consult with a licensed attorney in your state to explore your options.

If you have more legal questions, you can also chat online with a attorney where you’ll be instantly connected to a lawyer who can give you legal guidance on your specific case or question.

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