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Legal Options for Pipeline Explosion Injuries and Damages

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A map of gas pipelines in the US reveals that the network spans over two million miles carrying gas into millions of homes and businesses. However, the number of pipeline explosion tragedies has been on the rise in the recent past due to aging, damage, or cracking brought on by erosion of the pipe walls over time. Several local utility …

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A Timeline of Texas Chemical Plant Explosions and Legal Ramifications

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Any place where hydrocarbons, natural gas, or volatile chemicals are processed, stored or used carries with it a high risk for explosions if something goes wrong. Nonetheless, chemical releases, plant explosions, and fires are entirely preventable if petrochemical companies comply with the statutory safety procedures and regulations. More often than not, if you examine companies involved in chemical plant explosions, …

vaping injuries

Vaping Injuries – Who’s Liable?

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Vaping has, in recent times, been touted as a safe alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. This perception has seen a large number of young people take up e-cigarette smoking despite never having smoked in their lives. In fact, companies like JUUL with their JUUL vape have historically been known to target children and teenagers with their products. This begs the …

purdue pharma opioid lawsuit

Purdue Pharma Opioid Lawsuit and Settlement

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Purdue Pharma, the pharmaceutical giant that makes OxyContin is facing an estimated 3,000 lawsuits against it for its role in perpetuating the US opioid crisis that has plagued the country for the past two decades. According to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), prescription opioid-related deaths make up for a whopping 68% of all drug overdose …

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Johnson and Johnson Oklahoma Opioid Lawsuit

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An estimated 130 people in the US die every day from opioid overdoses. In 2017 alone, it was responsible for more than 70,000 deaths. The abuse and misuse of opioids – including heroin, prescription pain medication, and synthetic ones like fentanyl have become a national crisis that needs to be nipped in the bud. The first step to doing this …

jeffrey epstein case

Jeffrey Epstein Case – A Legal Timeline

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Following his arrest on July 8, 2019, Jeffrey Epstein was charged with one count of sex trafficking and one count of conspiracy to engage in sex trafficking. He pleaded not guilty to both charges and was remanded in jail awaiting trial after his application for bail was denied. In August 2019, Epstein, a registered sex offender, was found dead in …

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Jeffrey Epstein Case – Criminal and Civil Lawsuits

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Whether in life or in death, Jeffrey Epstein remains buried deep in lawsuits. On the one hand, are the state and federal prosecutors trying to figure out how to pursue criminal charges against potential Epstein co-conspirators like Ghislaine Maxwell. On the other hand, are the lawyers representing the alleged victims trying to file civil lawsuits against his estate. The real …

The Prince Andrew Interview: Legal Implications

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Jeffrey Epstein’s death couldn’t have come at a worse time for Prince Andrew. His suicide happened before he could answer to sex trafficking charges in the US. As a result, a shining spotlight has now been placed on his friend Prince Andrew following the allegations made by Virginia Roberts Giuffre. Her original allegations were made in December 2014, of which …

opioid lawsuit

The Opioid Lawsuit: Where is it Today

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In 2017 alone, opioid overdoses accounted for approximately 47,600 of reported deaths in the US. This accounts for 67.8% of drug overdose deaths. Manufacturers of opioid drugs have largely been accused by various state governments for contributing to the opioid crisis in the country, citing that the drugs and their subsequent effects are a public nuisance and are taking up …

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The Biggest, Ongoing FDA Recalls & Lawsuits

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If there’s one thing that consumers, organizations, and investors detest is, recalls because they’re packed with the inconvenience. For consumers, recalled products pose adverse safety risks and are tied to a barrage of ailments and even fatalities. For manufacturers, recalls usually tarnish their brand reputations. This leads to a decline in profit margins. Disgruntled consumers that are adversely affected by …