fda recalls featured

The Biggest, Ongoing FDA Recalls & Lawsuits

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If there’s one thing that consumers, organizations, and investors detest, it is recalls because they’re packed with inconvenience. Recalled products pose adverse safety risks for consumers and are tied to a barrage of ailments and even fatalities. For manufacturers, recalls usually tarnish their brand reputations. This leads to a decline in profit margins. Disgruntled consumers that are adversely affected by …

juul e cigarette lawsuit featured

JUUL E-Cigarette Lawsuit

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In December 2018, the U.S. Surgeon General issued a warning to American consumers about the dangers involved with e-cigarettes. By issuing this warning, the Surgeon General has taken a strong stance against the rise of e-cigarettes because of the potential dangers associated. This warning has turned into personal injury attorneys preparing a high-frequency e-cigarette lawsuit and JUUL lawsuits, which are …

3m combat arms earplugs

3M Earplug Lawsuit – What You Need to Know

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In July of 2018, the Justice Department settled the 3M earplug lawsuit where the company agreed to pay out $9.1 million to the government in order to settle the complaints brought against it. What Was the 3M Earplugs Lawsuit About? The Justice Department claimed that the Minnesota based company 3M defrauded the government when it sold faulty military earplugs. The …

fighting big pharma drug injury cases

Fighting Big Pharma: Drug Injury Cases

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Too often do new medications get found out for being incredibly dangerous, and it’s usually a little too late. Drug companies continue to leave consumers uninformed about potentially fatal side effects, simply because it would “hurt the brand.”Unfortunately, even after thousands of patients file lawsuits against these big pharma companies, for the injuries and medical complications they suffered from taking …

who is responsible when a medical device fails

Who’s Responsible When a Medical Device Fails?

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It’s always tragic when a loved one passes away or is seriously injured due to a faulty medical device. It’s especially angering when that person’s family finds out that it could’ve been prevented by the company who manufactures that medical device. The FDA does its best to recall these medical devices, but that usually only occurs after several patients have …

sex crimes and the catholic church

Sex Crimes and the Catholic Church

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Just recently, it has become more apparent just how serious the sex crimes and abuse cases against the Catholic church are. Since the public eye has turned onto priests in the Catholic church, multiple churches across the US and in many other countries have brought to light countless sexual abuse allegations and records against priests. These sexual abuse allegations not …

why the roundup lawsuit is a big deal

Why the Roundup Lawsuit Is a Big Deal

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Big corporations don’t like losing lawsuits because it sets a bad precedent for future suits. Even though technically every lawsuit is tried and judged on its own merits, there is always that lingering cloud that since the company was found culpable in a similar suit, there is a good chance that they are culpable in all other suits that bare …