Facebook Lawsuit

Facebook Lawsuit – A New Precedent in Privacy Laws

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On February 26, 2021, Facebook was ordered to pay $650 million for violating Illinois State privacy laws. More than 1.6 million state residents are expected to receive at least $345 each in a ruling made at a California federal court in the settlement. The cumulative settlement amount was $100 million more than what Facebook had initially proposed in 2020. According …

Is Secession Legal

Is Secession Legal?

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Every few months, the Texas secession issue always seems to crop up. With renewed “Texit” calls, some of the questions on people’s minds are – Is secession legal? Can Texas secede from the United States? Why would a state want to secede anyway? Many political analysts and legal scholars believe that secession threats should not be taken literally. According to …

Where Does Stimulus Money Come From

Where Does Stimulus Money Come From?

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A few weeks ago, President Trump signed the $900 billion stimulus funding legislation into law. This effectively circumvented a looming government shutdown after demanding critical changes to the sprawling package. The money was channeled towards providing enhanced federal unemployment benefits, extending financial aid to struggling households in the form of stimulus checks, and providing funding for childcare, schools, small businesses, …

Can a President Pardon Anyone

Can a President Pardon Anyone?

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A pardon is a government decision that allows an individual to be exempt from the legal consequences resulting from a criminal conviction. The power to grant a pardon, which is an inherent right of the people, is vested in whomever they choose. State constitutions usually stipulate where that pardoning power lies. The pardoning power for a federal crime, on the …

Government Shutdown

What Is a Government Shutdown and What Happens?

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2018 witnessed the longest-ever government shutdown when President Trump demanded more than $5 billion to fund the construction of a US-Mexico border wall. In the standoff, Democrats refused to play ball, stating that they wouldn’t allocate any additional funds for it. Recently, Trump threatened yet another government shutdown after expressing his displeasure with the pandemic relief bill and the $2.3 …

What Happens if a President Refuses to Leave Office

What Happens if a President Refuses to Leave Office

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In the time since Joe Biden was declared the winner of the 2020 presidential election, the words and actions of President Donald Trump have raised fears that he might refuse to relinquish power. While no individual in US history has ever attempted to cling on to the presidency after losing an election, the possibility of Trump being the first has …

what happens if a presidential candidate dies

What Happens If a Presidential Candidate Dies?

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The US Constitution is quite clear on what happens when a sitting president or vice-president dies or becomes incapacitated during their term in office. What is not so clear is what happens if a presidential candidate dies before the general election or shortly after winning the election but before taking office. Although this has never happened in American history, there …

martial law legal featured image

Is Martial Law Legal in the US?

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Flashback to December 1941 when the Japanese launched a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor – a US naval base that was located near Honolulu, Hawaii. Within hours, the then civilian territorial governor handed control of the Hawaiian Islands over to the US commander of the armed forces. The new military governor immediately ordered a shutdown of schools and courts, imposed …

sue black lives matter featured image

Can I Sue Black Lives Matter? Maybe

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In March 2016, three protesters were allegedly roughed up at a Trump rally in Louisville, Kentucky. The three later sued Trump on the grounds of “incitement to riot,” claiming that they suffered injuries at the hands of his supporters after he yelled to “get ‘em out of here”. As a result, they were pushed, shoved, assaulted, and unceremoniously removed from …

closed due to corona image

Can the Government Close a Business?

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As the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the nation, one of the measures that state governments across the country took in an attempt to contain its spread, was to shut down business operations and encourage citizens to stay at home. It meant that you couldn’t dine-in at your favorite restaurant, catch a couple of drinks with your friends at the local …